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It is essential to know the reproductive biology and the morphology of the reproductive organs to increase animal production. In order to contribute to this knowledge and provides information on the ram reproductive morphology, the purpose of this work was to describe the distribution, based on light microscopy, of the collagen and elastic fibers in the ram penis.

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For that, were collected transverse fragments of the penis root, sigmoid flexure, body and glans of seven rams. The specimens were fixed in paraformaldehyde for 24h and destined for the histological routine. The extracellular matrix of the ram penis was composed of collagen and elastic fibers. The penis was enveloped by the tunica albuginea, consisting essentially of collagen fibers, which were arranged in two layers: an outer longitudinal and an inner circular.

This tunic emitted septa that penetrated the corpus cavernosum.

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The elastic fibers appeared transversely and longitudinally in the corpus cavernosum, corpus spongiosum, and next to the neurovascular bundle of the penis. This structure was not different to that reported for other domestic ruminants such as cattle penis muscular buffaloes.

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É fundamental que se conheça a biologia reprodutiva e a morfologia dos órgãos reprodutores para o incremento da produção animal. Com o objetivo de contribuir para este conhecimento e fornecer informações sobre a morfologia reprodutiva de ovinos, o propósito deste trabalho foi descrever a distribuição, com base na microscopia de luz, das fibras colágenas e elásticas no pênis de ovinos.

Para tanto, foram coletados fragmentos transversais do pênis raiz, flexura sigmoide, corpo e glande de sete ovinos. Os exemplares foram fixados em paraformaldeído por 24h e destinados à rotina histológica.

A matriz extracelular do pênis de ovinos estava constituída por fibras colágenas e elásticas. O pênis estava envolvido pela túnica albugínea, formada essencialmente por fibras colágenas, que estavam arranjadas em duas penis muscular longitudinal externa e circular interna. Esta túnica emitiu septos que penetraram no corpo cavernoso. As fibras elásticas apareceram penis muscular modo transversal e longitudinal penis muscular corpos cavernoso e esponjoso e junto ao feixe vásculo-nervoso do pênis de ovinos.

Esta estrutura mostrou-se similar ao encontrado em outros ruminantes domésticos como bovinos e bubalinos. The fibroelastic type has small and confined blood spaces, and these spaces are divided by a large amount of fibroelastic tissue.

This type of penis, when quiescent, exhibits a sigmoid flexure. Reprodução Animal. Manole, São Paulo, p. Tratado de Anatomia Veterinária. Elsevier, Rio de Janeiro, p. Stallions, dogs and rabbits have the musculocavernous type of penis.

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Stereological study of the elastic fiber and smooth muscle cell penis muscular in the bovine and buffalo penis. The rabbit penis is covered by a capsule of connective tissue, the tunica albuginea, which projects intracavernous septa, especially in the corpus cavernosum.

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There are elastic fibers in the corpus cavernosum, corpus spongiosum, and in the tunica albuginea of the penis Maia et al. Concentration of elastic system fibers in the corpus cavernosum, corpus spongiosum, and tunica albugínea in the rabbit penis.

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The concentration of elastic fibers in different penile regions is related to age-related changes in rabbits. From one month of life, rabbits have a gradual increase in the concentration of these fibers.

This trend is interrupted at two years, which may be related to initial changes due to senescence of the animals Abidu-Figueiredo et al.

Age-related changes in the concentration of elastic fibers in different regions of the rabbit penis. Acta Cir. There are few reports on the distribution of elastic, collagen and muscle fibers in the penis in domestic or wild animals. Babinski et al. Immunohistochemical analysis of smooth muscle cells and volumetric density of the elastic system fibers of wild boar Sus scrofa penis. Elastic fibers appeared in both the corpus spongiosum and corpus cavernosum of all the animals studied.

The authors suggest that the large amount of elastic fibers and the distribution of smooth muscle cells penis muscular the endothelium could represent the role that these structures would exert penis muscular the process of penile erection in boars.

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The zebu and bubaline penis, which is a fibroelastic type, has much of its rigidity conferred by the collagen and elastic fibers present in the extracellular matrix. Many collagen fibers were found in the corpus cavernosum and spongiosum of these penises, which is a common pattern in animals with this type of penis Ribeiro et al.

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The extracellular matrix of penis in intact and neutered cats was analyzed and the findings of this study showed a significant decrease in the density of the elastic fibers and a significant increase of the density of the collagen penis muscular in the corpus spongiosoum in neutered cats, suggesting that hormonal deprivation caused modifications in the extracellular matrix in the penises of neutered cats Borges et al.

Effects of castration on penile extracellular matrix morphology in domestic cats. Feline Med. The extracellular matrix formed by the collagen and elastic fibers is a dynamic cellular skeleton that plays an important role in modulating the physiological function of the cavernous tissue. This regulates cell morphology, movement, growth and differentiation. The physiological role of androgens in penile erection: Regulation of corpus cavernosum structure and function.

Penis muscular Med. Type Penis muscular and II collagen are the major components of the cavernous body of the penis Luangkhot et al. Collagen alterations in the corpus cavernosum of men with sexual penis muscular. PGE1 supresses the induction of collagen synthesis by transforming growth factor-beta 1 in human corpus cavernosum smooth penis muscular. Objective measurement of the different collagen types in the corpus cavernosum of potent and impotent men: an immunohistochemical staining with computerized-image analysis.

World J. The system of elastic and collagen fibers is therefore an important structure for penile erection and allows adequate resistance during the return of the penis to a detumescence Hsu et al. The distribution of elastic fibrous elements within the human penis. BJU Int. Computerized measurement of penile elastic fibers in potent and impotent men.

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Uretral extensibility applied to reconstructive surgery. Concentration of elastic fibers in the male urethra during human fetal development. Therefore, it may be considered that the extracellular matrix of the corpus cavernosum is essential for normal penile erection and is involved in erectile dysfunction. The structural description and quantification of the elements of the extracellular matrix represent a good method to evaluate penis muscular morphological and functional alterations associated with pathological conditions in humans and animal models Siracusano et al.

Preliminary reports on morphological and ultrastructural changes in the corpora cavernosa of the rat after chronic arterial obstruction. The gross anatomy of the abstinența îmbunătățește erecția penis has been studied and described in veterinary anatomy treatises such as Penis muscular et al.

Thus, the purpose of this study was to provide morphological data on the distribution of collagen and elastic fibers in the ram penis, because is essential to know the reproductive biology and the morphology of the reproductive organs to increase animal production. Materials and Methods Penises of seven rams, sexually mature, were used in this study. The animals were Santa Ines, Dorper and Texel breeds.

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The samples were collected after the slaughter and inspection procedures of the animals, in a slaughterhouse. After collection, the penises were sectioned in regions such as root, sigmoid flexure, penile body and glans. Results The ram has a fibroelastic penis, with a characteristic sigmoid flexure. There were no morphological differences, by light microscopy, between of the penile regions such as root, sigmoid flexure, and penile body.

The penis was covered by a dense connective tissue capsule named tunica albuginea.

The tunica albuginea involved the penile structure, which was formed by the corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum. The corpus cavernosum was located dorsolateral, deep into the tunica albuginea, while the corpus spongiosum enveloped the urethra Fig. A,B Regions of the root and C,D the sigmoid flexure in the ram penis.

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Ischiocavernous muscle mtunica albuginea tasepta of tunica albuginea scorpus cavernosum cccorpus spongiosum ceelastic fibers arrowsurethra uartery avein v and nerve n that comprised the neurovascular bundle of the penis. Note the collagen fibers in blue in Calleja stain indicating that tunica albuginea consists mainly of collagen fibers.

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A-D Ram penile body and E,F glans. Corpus cavernosum cccorpus spongiosum ceelastic fibers arrowsurethra uartery aand lining epithelium of the glans întotdeauna o erecție dimineața. The tunica albuginea are arranged in two layers: an outer longitudinal ol and an inner circular ic.

These two layers are comprised basically of collagen fibers in blue in Calleja stain.

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The histological analysis confirmed that the extracellular matrix of the ram penis was basically formed by elastic and collagen fibers. The tunica albuginea was composed essentially of collagen fibers Fig. The inner circular layer of the tunica albuginea projects intracavernosal septa in the corpus cavernosum.

These septa consisted mainly of collagen fibers. The collagen fibers were the most abundant component of the tunica albuginea, septa, and corpus cavernosum Fig. A-D Elastic fibers in the region of the body of penis muscular ram penis. Elastic fibers arranged transversely thick arrows and longitudinally thin arrows.

Note the collagen fibers in blue. Thus, the extracellular matrix of the ram penis is formed by elastic and collagen fibers. A-H Corpus spongiosum cecorpus cavernosum cc and tunica albuginea ta of ram penis. Note the great amount of collagen fibers in the corpus cavernosum ccand in the septa s of the tunica albuginea ta.


Neurovascular bundles with artery a and nerve n. An irregular system of elastic fibers was observed in the studied penises. Elastic fibers were intercalated between penis muscular collagen fiber bundles of the tunica albuginea and its septa. These fibers were abundant in the neurovascular bundles, around the blood vessels and nerves. There was a predominance of elastic fibers in the cavernous structure of the corpus spongiosum of the ram penis and in the neurovascular bundles Fig. This system of elastic fibers was composed of elastic fibers that were appeared in several ways, longitudinally and transversely bundles Fig.

The region of the ram penile penis muscular was formed only by a corpus spongiosum, which was formed by the system of elastic fibers Fig.